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Electromechanical Locks from Southco

A reliable electromechanical lock or latch (EML) is critical to the effectiveness of any remotely controlled electronic access solution. The design of an EML influences system electrical requirements, physical security and ease of installation and operation, as well as the industrial design of the end product. Simply put, the EML is the heart of the system.

Southco's electromechanical locks feature:

  • Efficient mechanism – Over 60 years of engineering expertise in lock and latch mechanism design ensures an efficient, quality locking mechanism.
  • Appropriate electromechanical actuation – Southco matches the electromechanics to the requirements of the latch mechanism to provide the most efficient solution, while providing the necessary mechanical function and minimizing the power requirement.
  • Built-in intelligence – Southco's microprocessor-based control provides built-in intelligence for optimum latch control and communication with external systems.

For more than 60 years, Southco has specialized in developing innovative, engineered access hardware solutions to challenging applications across industries. Our engineers are ready to design a custom electronic access solution to meet the unique design requirements of your application, including:

  • Actuators
  • Electronic locks
  • Access control solutions
  • System integration

Southco's self-contained electronic access solutions combine battery power, electromechanical locks and keypads or RFID access control into a single, easily installed package.

  • Drop in installation
  • No wiring or external power required
  • PIN or RFID based solutions
  • Custom color options