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Custom Solutions from Southco

For more than 60 years, Southco has specialized in developing innovative, engineered access-hardware solutions to challenging applications across industries. Our engineers are ready to design a custom Positioning Technology solution to meet the unique design requirements of your application.

  • Built-in resistance and an energy-storing device to regulate movement resistive force
  • Moderates the rotation speed to deliver a full range of smooth and consistent motion
  • Counterbalance and compensate for the heavy weight of an object, making it feel lighter
  • Help an object deploy automatically at the release of a button
  • Allow both easy sliding motion and ensure secure holding
  • Takes the place of motors or complex control systems to deploy and position objects
  • Combine with rotational positioning to slide a retracted display screen out from a narrow storage location and then rotate it to an optimum viewing angle
  • Aesthetics designed to suit custom color and appearance preferences
  • Different ranges of motion for even the most challenging applications
  • Scalable for heavy weight displays and increased lengths required for operation