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Display Mounts from Southco

Our positioning arms and display mounts feature zero-drift, grab-and-position operation and eliminate the need for constant readjustment and maintenance when repositioning, and are VESA compliant for 12" to 23" (75 and 100 mm pattern). The operating effort of every joint in Southco's display mounts is precisely controlled, and set for life. Operating efforts can be factory adjusted to suit nearly any requirement.

  • Provides vertical angle adjustment of the display or touchscreen
  • Precision tilt feature enables effortless display positioning and infinite angle options
  • Enclosed counterbalance for cleanability and upkeep
  • Reliable, repeatable cycle life eliminates the need for service or adjustment
  • Tilts both vertically and horizontally
  • Both axes are configured for light, yet robust operation
  • Precisely controlled operating efforts within the joints prevent drift in the display
  • Range of motion stops for added flexibility
  • Incorporates tilt, swivel and full swing out functionalities
  • The robust arm folds within 50 mm of the wall and uses minimal space in a stored position
  • Customizable to suit precise, unique operating effort
  • Clean appearance with integrated cable management covers
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